All about the Pago Points and how to use them
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All about the Pago Points and how to use them

PagoSeptember 26, 2023

Using Pago is not only an extremely convenient way to pay bills, top up your phone card, or pay for your car insurance, among many others, but it also offers you the opportunity to save money!

Yes, you heard it right! By accumulating Pago points, you save money and you get additional benefits while using the app. It’s not just a smart expense management solution, but also an efficient way to strengthen your financial resources. And we’ll tell you about these below.

What are Pago Points and where can you find them?

Pago Points are our virtual reward system. In other words, the more Pago Points you have, the more benefits you have at your fingertips.

How do you earn Pago Points?

Practically, by using the app as much as possible. There are several ways you can accumulate these points:

  • Create your account: The first step to earning Pago Points is to create your account in the app.
  • Add providers: Another way to earn points is by adding your regular providers to the app. Each added provider gives you points. So, the more providers you connect in the app, the more points you receive.
  • Make payments: Whether you’re paying a bill, topping up, or purchasing insurance, you’ll earn Pago Points in return.
  • Add your car, purchase car insurance, or buy a vignette: For those who own vehicles, consolidating all your expenses in the app counts.
  • Invite your friends: One of the simplest ways to accumulate points is to invite your friends to use the app. Each friend who registers through your invitation brings 200 Pago Points to your account.
  • Donate: Choosing to do good through can bring you additional points.
  • Participate in promotions: Pago periodically organizes promotions and campaigns that give you the opportunity to earn more Pago Points. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates.

What can you do with the earned Pago Points?

The short answer: the possibilities are diverse and advantageous for your wallet.

The longer answer: With these points, you can partially or fully pay for:

  • Bills: This way, you’ll save money that you can allocate to other needs.
  • Insurances: Use these points to purchase the right insurance for yourself and your loved ones. You can choose from car insurance, travel insurance, or home insurance (currently available only for Android users).
  • Vignettes: Use the points to easily and hassle-free pay for or renew your vignette.
  • Phone card top-ups: In addition to the major benefits mentioned above, Pago Points can cover your periodic phone card top-ups to keep you connected at all times.

We are constantly expanding, and Pago Points can be useful for other actions in the app as well.

What are the rules for using Pago Points?

With this benefit, we want to encourage social interaction and turn using the app into a way to save money even when benefiting from necessary services. By simply inviting friends and encouraging them to use the Pago platform for recurring or monthly payments, we open the door to tangible rewards in the form of points. At the same time, not following the Pago Points Allocation Regulation can lead to restrictions applied to your Pago account.

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