All about mobile top-ups in Pago
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All about mobile top-ups in Pago

Pago June 16, 2021September 13th, 2021

With Pago, you can make unlimited and no fees top-ups from Orange, Vodafone, Telekom, or Digi. It only takes a few seconds, and your prepaid card will be instantly topped up. You can even set up an automatic top-up, so you won’t have to worry about monthly top-ups anymore. So far, more than 500,000 top-ups have been made through Pago.

Why choose Pago to top-up?

– you have unlimited top-ups, without any fees, even when you use the free version of the app

– in addition to the low prices you get in Pago, you also receive points that turn into money

– you can set up a recurring top-up: choose the phone number, the value, and the frequency, and your prepaid card will be topped up automatically. This way, you keep the costs and flexibility of a prepaid card while getting the comfort of a monthly paid plan.

What kind of prepaid cards can I top up?

You can top up your Orange, Vodafone, Telekom, and Digi prepaid cards. The values are different depending on the operator but generally start from 1€ and go up to 100€.

How do I top up?

Step 1 → Go to the Top-up section in Pago and fill in the phone number at the top of the screen. You also have the recent top-ups at hand on the same screen, so you can quickly choose a previously recharged number
Step 2 → Choose the offer you want
Step 3 (only for the first top-up) → Add the card details you will use for payment. These are saved in your account for future top-ups
Step 4 → Pay
Step 5 → You receive the credit in seconds, along with the payment confirmation over the email.

How fast do I receive the credit on my prepaid card?

It only takes a few seconds from payment to getting the top-up on your prepaid card. Only in exceptional cases, it may take up to 3 minutes to receive the electronic top-up to your prepaid card. In the unlikely event that it takes longer, you can find us on the Live Chat in the app. We will quickly check what happened and help you solve the problem.

What is an automated payment, and how can I set it up?

With Pago, you can schedule an automated top-up for you or your loved ones. This way, you won’t run out of credit unexpectedly.
Step 1 → Go to the Top-up section → Automated payment → Add an automatic mobile top-up
Step 2 → Fill in the phone number
Step 3 → Choose the offer you want
Step 4 → Choose a saved card or add a new one
Step 5 → Choose the number of days between top-ups and the start date
Step 6 → Final step: Confirm. We will take care of the rest! Your prepaid card will be topped up on the date you have set, with the selected amount.

How do I cancel an automated top-up?

From the Top-up section, where all active automatic top-ups are listed. To ensure that we do not make an unintended payment, we will send you an app notification one day before the charge.

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