Pago launches vignette and Fetești bridge toll payments
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Pago launches vignette and Fetești bridge toll payments

Pago August 31, 2022September 7th, 2022

București, 24.08.2022

Pago, the Romanian mobile app through which almost 12 million utility bills worth over 1.6 billion lei have been paid, announces the launch of the vignette and Fetești bridge toll payments in the app.

Thus, Pago users can now buy vignettes or pay the bridge toll from Fetești to Cernavodă, unlimited and without any additional fees, quick and safe. Everything is done through a direct system integration with CNAIR (National Road Infrastructure Administration Company within the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure).

Unlike other online payment methods, the Pago payments of vignette and bridge crossing is faster, and the data is autosaved for future payments after the first payment has been made. This means you can buy a vignette or a bridge toll directly from your mobile phone in less than 1 minute. Proof of payment is received by email immediately after payment, in a format approved by CNAIR, with the possibility of receiving a notification before the vignette’s due date.

“Vignettes and bridge toll purchases have been among the most requested features by Pago users for a long time. We’re glad we are finally able to offer these types of payments in the app as well. We’ve tried to make the experience as simple as possible so that the vignette’s expiration or the non-payment of the bridge toll from Fetești-Cernavodă are two worries less with Pago. I want to thank CNAIR for the openness to achieve such a direct integration within Pago. Recently, we have seen a larger number of initiatives to digitize state institutions’ payments and we are looking to integrate as many of those ones into the app as well.” – Adrian Cighi and Alexandru-Gala Popescu, co-founders of Pago, said.

First vignette or bridge toll purchased will also bring Pago Points, which can be used to partially or fully pay bills, mobile top-ups or insurances. The Pago Points can also be used to buy vignettes and bridge tolls.

The vignette payments are available for all Pago users, whether they use Android, iOS or Huawei phones. The Fetești bridge toll payments are only available for Android and Huawei users at the moment; in the coming weeks the feature will be available to iOS users also.

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