All payments for your car, directly in Pago
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All payments for your car, directly in Pago

PagoMarch 23, 2023

For many people, owning a car is a joy. Many drivers enjoy the comfort, freedom of movement, and adrenaline it offers. However, dealing with all the responsibilities that come with owning a car can become a burden. That’s where we step in. We can’t help you with your car’s revisions, but we can assist you in managing your car payments. With Pago, you can pay your car insurance, road tax, and even bridge tolls.

You only need to add your car’s details to the app once and select the payment type to access all car payment options.

How to add your car’s details to Pago

Select a car payment type and then click Add vehicle. Complete the information about the vehicle, such as license plate, chassis number, car type, and registration country. You don’t have to be the owner to add multiple cars to Pago.

How to purchase a car insurance (RCA) in Pago

It is mandatory for cars registered in Romania to have a valid RCA (third-party liability insurance), and the same rule also applies to all cars registered in other countries without having valid insurance in that country. The period of an RCA policy is usually six or twelve months.

In order to purchase an RCA policy with Pago, you will need to have your car’s registration details added. You can scan your car’s registration certificate or enter the details manually.

Afterward, go to the Insurance – RCA section, complete the minimum information required to obtain quotes from insurers, select the one that suits you, pay for it, and you’re done!

After the payment is completed, the policies are sent to the email account you use to log into your Pago account. They become effective immediately. If you misplace it, you can always resend it from the History section. It’s valid electronically throughout Romania, so you can even show it on your phone if you get stopped by the police.

How to purchase vignette (rovinieta) in Pago

The vignette, or “rovinieta” is a fee for drivers using highways, expressways, and European and national main and secondary roads. In other words, if you want to leave the city, you must pay this fee.

You certainly don’t want to worry about this when you have an urgent trip to take. With Pago, you can buy it quickly, safely, and online with just a few clicks. 

If you already have your car’s details saved in your Pago account, all you need to do is click on Other payments + in the app, then select Rovinieta. Select the car for which you want to pay, choose the validity period (available for 7, 30, 90 days, or 12 months), and confirm the payment.

This way, you can focus on your trip.

How to pay the bridge toll at Fetești-Cernavodă in Pago

Besides the vignette, other tolls are required in Romania, such as those for bridges over the Danube, on the way to the seaside. One of the most popular bridge crossings is on the road to the seaside at Fetești-Cernavodă. The good news is that it’s now available in Pago.

All you have to do is add the details of the car you’ll be driving to your Pago account or select it from the list you already have created in the app. Then, choose the number of crossings (1, 2, or 20) and confirm the payment. It’s that simple to not worry about having to pay for this bridge toll when you only want to enjoy the sun and the sea. 

How to set your auto payment alerts in the app

But that’s not all. Another of the features available to Pago subscribers is the ability to set alerts. You can set notifications for ITP, Casco, or periodic revisions from the Car Alerts menu in the Settings section. Whether you want notifications 30 days, a week, or one day before your subscription expires is up to you. You can receive them directly through the app, via SMS, or by email.

In Pago, you have access to over 400 suppliers and providers for your household and other needs. Pay your electricity bills, maintenance, travel insurance, and even your car insurance using the app. The complete list of providers can be found here. And if any provider is missing, don’t hesitate to add it.

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