Amiabila or Mutual agreement – How to fill out the accident report form

Amiabila or Mutual agreement – How to fill out the accident report form

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Have you been involved in a minor car accident? The ”amiabila”, otherwise known as the amicable accident settlement, is the simplest and quickest way of settling damages caused by a minor road collision. Not only will it save you a lot of time and even money, but completing an amicable agreement online or in person will spare you from involving the police at the accident scene.

There are, however, a few conditions under which you can use an amicable request to remedy the situation. You can read about these and other information that might help you regarding a correctly completed amicable agreement, either online or on paper, in the following lines.

Here’s what you can learn from this article:

I. What is an amicable accident settlement?

II. When do you complete the amicable online or in physical form?

III. How to fill in the amicable agreement – step-by-step model

IV. Where do I fill in an amiability online or in physical form?

V. What do you do with the completed Amicable and how do you get the money for repairs from the insurer?

I. What is an amicable (motor) accident report?

An amiabilă or Amicable is nothing more than a verbal process made, as the name suggests, by mutual agreement between two drivers, aimed to clarify the circumstances of a minor car accident. In other words, the purpose of the amicable settlement is to provide information about the accident to the insurance companies where the two drivers have taken out an RCA or CASCO policy, to identify each driver’s liability. 

Moreover, a correctly completed amicable settlement will lead to a quick compensation of collision damages. That’s why it’s important to carefully go through all the information you’ll find in this article. This is if you want to quickly repair your damaged car from the accident you were involved in if you are not the one responsible for the impact. 

The online amicable agreement or the one completed on paper aims, therefore, to clarify the circumstances of the accident. At the same time, the completed amicable agreement will have clear information about any damage to the cars. Moreover, the amicable settlement will also include the identities of the drivers and information about their insurance policies. This information, which will reach the insurance companies where the RCA and/or CASCO policies have been concluded, will be able to speed up the process of compensating for damages resulting from the accident.


II. When do you complete the amicable online or in physical form?

As mentioned above, an amicable settlement can be completed in the case of minor accidents. We also referred to the collision between two cars. This is because you can fill in an amicable agreement online or printed ONLY if the accident results in NO casualties. That is when none of the people in the vehicles involved in the accident are injured. In other words, an amicable settlement is ONLY valid for accidents involving only material damage. 

Also, the amicable agreement is NOT valid in the case of a collision involving more than two vehicles. 

Another condition for the amicable settlement to be valid is that both drivers must have valid compulsory RCA insurance!

Last but not least, the online or printed amicable is NOT valid if the accident also caused damage to roadside arrangements, such as bumpers, kerbs, road signs or others. 

Before moving the cars involved in the collision off the road, it is mandatory to make sure that the incident did not result in casualties. Afterwards, we recommend that you take some photographs of the accident scene. This will save you from possible errors later on, when filling out a settlement.

III. How to fill in the amicable agreement – step-by-step model

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’re probably reading this on your phone. So the easiest thing for you to do would be to fill in the online form. 

But before you do that, make sure you stop your car. Pull the handbrake or put the car in Park if you drive an automatic. Check with the other passengers that everyone is OK and that there are no injuries. Don’t hesitate to call the ambulance if they are, but remember that in this situation, completing the amicable settlement will be out of the question.

If there are no casualties, pull the car over so as not to block road traffic. Turn on the hazard lights. 

We can imagine that this is not a pleasant moment for you, at the same time, we suggest that you keep calm because in the following moments you need to be as careful as possible. 

Check to see if there is anyone in the other car who may need medical attention. Then talk to the driver of that car and decide together whether or not to settle out of court. If not, notify the police. 

If you both agree to an amicable settlement, complete the application together, preferably then and there. If one of you is unable to remain at the scene of the accident without casualties, note that the vehicle amicable settlement must be completed within 24 hours of the collision between the two cars. At this point, you can also take the details of a few witnesses to the accident, if any, for an extra measure of protection for yourself. You can enter these in box 5 of the accident report form.

Immediately afterward, the person responsible for the accident can contact the insurer, who will compensate the innocent driver. Don’t forget to exchange contact details with the driver of the other car, so that you can communicate about any changes that may occur during the settlement of the claim with the insurer. 

If you decide to complete the amicable settlement online, it’s good to know that you can do so in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is log on to the website of the insurer where you have taken out your RCA policy and follow the steps they provide.

If you prefer the classic version, the one to fill out the printed auto insurance form, find a writing instrument, preferably a pen, and enter the following information in the spaces provided on the physical form:

  • the policyholder’s details (name, surname, address, etc.);
  • telephone number or e-mail address;
  • vehicle make and registration number;
  • the number of the insurance document and the issuing agent, i.e. the company that issued the insurance;
  • Green Card number;
  • the date of validity of the RCA insurance or the Green Card;
  • the driver’s personal details taken from the driving license;
  • the initial impact point;
  • visible damage;
  • other observations.

On the opposite side of the page you will fill in the same data for the other driver and the other vehicle. 

In addition to the personal details of each driver, the circumstances of the accident must also be ticked on the completed report, from a standard list of 17 options, explaining the time of impact. You will find this information in the middle of the page.

You will also find a box at the bottom of the sheet at the bottom of the accident report. Here you will have to explain, in as simple a drawing as possible, the position of the road, the direction of travel of the two vehicles involved in the accident, their position at the moment of impact, the relevant road signs and the name of the street where the accident occurred. 

The Motor Vehicle Accident Report should be completed in one copy with the details of both drivers involved in the collision, each of whom has a separate box, as explained above. Each accident report contains an original and a carbon copy. The original version remains in the possession of the innocent driver, and the person responsible for the collision gets that copy.

You can also use the same form if you want to recover money from your insurer through CASCO for damage to your own vehicle or for damage caused by theft or fire.

For the completed amicable settlement to be valid, you need to add a few documents to the damage file. Specifically, the injured driver must receive from the at-fault party:

  • a copy of the vehicle registration document;
  • a copy of the driver’s identity card;
  • a copy of the driver’s licence;
  • a copy of the RCA policy.

IV. Where do I fill in an amiability online or in physical form?

As mentioned above, you can complete a motor vehicle accident report, either online or in paper form, within 24 hours of the accident occurring without any victims.

Ideally, you should be able to complete it on the spot, in the presence of the other driver. If this condition cannot be met, complete the online or printed amicable at home. Please note that the motor vehicle accident report must indicate the time and date of the accident. Be very careful when filling it in, as it is forbidden to make any changes after signing this form.

In certain special circumstances, one of the drivers may have a European Insurance Committee-approved motor insurance form, but in a foreign language. In this case, both drivers are obliged to ensure that the endorsements they complete contain the same headings, taking into account their numbering.

V. What do you do with the completed Amicable and how do you get the money for repairs from the insurer?

insurer who issued the document. That is, to the company with which the offending driver has an RCA policy. 

Compensation can be paid in two ways:

1. The money goes from the insurer directly to the service that will repair the car, based on a report issued by the insurer. The document will contain a list of damaged car parts and the recommended solution, i.e. replacement or repair.

This option is also the easiest for you, as payment for the services and parts needed for the repair will remain the responsibility of the insurance company with which the offending driver has an RCA policy. And the repair of the car will become the responsibility of the service, which you have the right to choose.

2. The money is delivered to your account, for the repair to be carried out on your account. The insurer of the at-fault driver will issue you with a statement for parts and repairs. The company will also estimate the total cost of these and can deliver the amount to your bank account, and you will be responsible for the entire process of repairing the vehicle. 

While this option might tempt you more at first glance, it’s good to know that there is a risk that some insurance companies may undervalue the total cost of these repairs, i.e. car parts. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that you have 30 days to lodge a claim with the insurance company if the amount you receive does not cover the service costs.  

After this period, you can no longer receive any compensation. Therefore, if the repair costs more, you will have to cover the difference out of your own money.


Even if the timing of a car accident is not pleasant, we hope that the information we have presented in this material will simplify your situation as much as possible and help you to have an amicable settlement completed correctly and quickly.

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