Updating the app, or how to use the latest version of Pago
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Updating the app, or how to use the latest version of Pago

Pago May 20, 2021April 14th, 2022

If you have ever wondered how updating Pago to the last available version helps you, find out from this article why it’s essential to use the latest app version, and you can do this easily and automatically.

In short, with each update, we offer you a better version of the app, with improved features or even new ones. To ensure that you always use the latest version of Pago, you have two options: you can enable automatic updates from your phone’s settings or go to the store and update the app manually.

What are the benefits of using Pago’s latest version?

You probably noticed that we update the app quite often, sometimes even twice per month. We do this because we constantly improve the app and integrate many platforms and services (we have 125 integrations just for bill payments!).

Each update is designed to improve the app’s experience, having four things in mind: the services offered, the app’s security, the operating systems, and the necessary storage space.

We improve the offered services

More than 200.000 Pago users pay bills, taxes, top-ups, insurance, and donations even easier, faster, and more secure. We are constantly improving the features or come up with new ones. Besides that, last year we started a process of gradual redesign to make it even easier to use.

You have access to the most recent security improvements

By updating the app, you have access to the most secure version of the app. Thus, we are always one step ahead in terms of security.

With Pago, your information is secure. We implemented advanced protection and encryption systems. We store the data in complete safety, and we authorize every payment with the digital fingerprint or a personal security code that you create when you make the first payment.

Better compatibility with your phone’s operating system

By updating the app, we make sure we keep up with the updates of your phone’s operating system. Apple, Google, and Huawei make frequent improvements or changes to the operating systems, which often require changes to the apps running on these systems.

Less storage space required

We constantly reduce the required space for optimal usage, making sure that our users will be able to update the app via data connections, not only via Wi-Fi. For example, we managed to reduce the necessary space to 53MB on Android and 102MB on iOS.

What happens if you don’t update?

You are left with an outdated version, and you risk using a version that doesn’t work that well or even miss out on new features.

How do you update the app?

The easiest way is to enable automatic updates in the store’s settings. This way, your apps will update automatically every time there is an update available, without any other hassle.

If you don’t have this option activated, open the store, search for the Pago app and press the Update button. The update usually takes less than a minute, and during this time, you can use your phone as usual because the update runs in the background.

When did you last update Pago?

Update Pago to enjoy all the benefits from the latest version:

→ new and improved features

→ the most recent security improvements

→ better compatibility with your phone’s operating system

→ less required storage space

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