All about the available suppliers in Pago. Types of suppliers
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All about the available suppliers in Pago. Types of suppliers

Pago May 6, 2021July 20th, 2021

In Pago, you can find over 365 local and national suppliers. Since Pago was launched, more than 5.8 million payments have been made through the app, amounting to more than 145 million euros. Everything just one click away.

To make it even easier for you to pay through Pago, we prepared an article dedicated to the types of suppliers available in the app, how to connect them to your Pago account, and how you can add a new supplier.

The types of suppliers available in the app

With over 365 suppliers available in the app, it’s almost impossible not to find the ones you receive bills from. Most of them are the providers of utilities – from electricity and natural gas to water and sanitation. We didn’t forget about the internet, TV and mobile providers, without which we would not be able to use Pago.

But you can make other types of payments, too. You can pay installments, communal expenses, even for your Avon and Oriflame products – all just a confirmation away!

Energy suppliers

In Pago, you can currently find 65 energy suppliers, national and local. The most popular are Enel, Electrica, Eon, Engie, and Cez. You will also find local suppliers, such as TulceaGaz, Eva Energy, Prisma Serv, and many others.

TV, internet, and mobile providers

15 TV, internet, and mobile providers are just a click away! Digi, Orange, Vodafone, Telekom, NextGen are just a few of them.

Water suppliers

The water suppliers are by far the most numerous – over 110. You will find water suppliers from all over the country – Bucharest, Ilfov, Prahova, Bacau, Tulcea, and more.

Payment of installments

If you want to pay your installments more easily, you can do this for Cetelem, BT Card Direct, BRD Finance, TBI, Credex, and other suppliers will be available soon.

Communal expenses

The integration of E-bloc and Scomet suppliers in Pago makes it super easy to pay for communal expenses. You just need to check if the homeowners’ association uses E-bloc or Scomet services and allows online payment. Also, 54 other block associations are listed as providers in Pago! Moreover, you can pay the communal expenses to any association if you receive a barcode invoice.

Other suppliers

47 sanitation suppliers are available in Pago, representing the local subsidiaries of Rosal, Brai Cata, Polaris, Urban, and 17 other suppliers.

In addition, you can also make payments quickly and securely to Avon, Oriflame, Fan Courier, BGS, Urgent Cargus and more.

How do you connect the suppliers you want to your Pago account?

To see and pay the bills from your supplier in Pago, you need to have an account created on its website and log in with this account in Pago. You will do this step only once: Go to Bills → Suppliers → Add supplier.

If you don’t have an online account with your supplier, you can also pay your bills by scanning the barcode. Scanning a bill also works if you have the bill in digital format, it does not necessarily have to be printed.

How to find out quickly if a supplier is already in Pago?

You have two options:

If you already have the app, go to Bills → Suppliers → Add supplier. If you can’t find the supplier you are looking for by browsing the list, you have the option to search by name.

You can also search quickly from the browser, directly from the Pago website.

How to add a new supplier

One of the benefits of being a subscriber in Pago is that you can add any supplier from which you receive bills, the only minimum requirement is that they have barcodes on their bills. If the supplier isn’t already in the app, you can send us a request to add it and in a few days, you can start making payments.

We only need a photo with a recent invoice, and we will add the supplier for payment in just a few days.

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