Pago launches real-time money transfer between cards
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Pago launches real-time money transfer between cards

Pago February 7, 2022February 17th, 2022

Bucharest, 07.02.2022

Pago, the Romanian mobile app through which almost 10 million utility bills worth over 1.1 billion lei have been paid, announces the launch of the money transfer, simple and real-time, to any card issued by a bank in Romania, only based on the phone number.

Thus, Pago users can transfer money via the app in real-time, at any time, to any card issued by banks in Romania or to Revolut cards, using only the phone numbers of the recipient. Also, money requests are possible, the recipient receiving an SMS with a payment link – no POs, IBAN or registration in banking platforms needed.

Money transfer is, alongside the payment of bills, among the most frequently used functionalities in financial apps in Romania. Based on the suggestions received from Pago users, we’ve created a better payment experience, that facilitates transfers in real-time, at any time, including weekends or public holidays, between any two cards, regardless of the issuing bank. For now, we have the possibility to transfer money between cards issued by banks in Romania or Revolut, with the option of transfer between any cards issued by banks in the European Union to follow later this year“, Adrian Cighi, CEO and co-founder of Pago, said.

To mark the launch of this new feature in the Pago app, the first money transfers made by a Pago user using a Visa card will be free to make from 7 February 2022 to 30 March 2022.  During this period, Visa cardholders that are Pago users will also benefit from several other special offers.

“We are delighted to expand our collaboration with Pago, launching new payment services dedicated to Visa cardholders, who are demanding for fast and accessible payment solutions. From now on, Pago customers who have enrolled a Visa card in the app will be able to send and receive money in real-time, whether it is sharing the bill at the restaurant, or loans to friends or family members. Visa Direct real-time payments solution makes it safer, easier, and more convenient for consumers to pay and receive money from peers, without any need to enter the card details or additional steps. Moreover, Visa cardholders who use this service will also benefit from the advantages included in the promotional campaign through which we aim to reward those who choose making digital payments, and at the same time encourage other users to adopt this service”, Elena Ungureanu, Visa Country Manager in Romania, said.

Users who already have a Pago subscription will benefit, regardless of the type of card used, from 1 free transfer per month within the Premium subscription or 3 free transfers per month within the Unlimited subscription. The fee per transaction will be only 0.99 lei, regardless of the value transferred, and only if the free transfers have been consumed. Each money transfer will also bring Pago Points, that can be used for partially or fully paying bills, card top-ups or insurance policies.

Moreover, Pago users will be able to choose between 3 specific subscriptions for money transfer, regardless of the type of card: Bronze (3 transfers included, for 2.59 lei / month), Silver (5 transfers included, for 3.99 lei / month) and Gold (8 transfers included, for 5.99 lei / month).

Pago is an app launched in 2017, through which bills from over 380 utility providers can be paid, as well as local taxes and fees, phone card top-ups, MTPL or travel insurances or donations to NGOs. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery. Pago is also present in Poland and will be launched in Italy as well. All payments in one app.

[1] Actual fund availability varies by receiving financial institution, receiving account type, region, and whether transaction is domestic or cross-border.

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