Good deeds with Pago. How to donate quickly, recurring and without fees
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Good deeds with Pago. How to donate quickly, recurring and without fees

Pago June 8, 2021April 14th, 2022

With Pago, you can support local causes quickly, safely, and without fees. Since we launched this feature in October 2019, almost 100.000 euros donated by Pago users helped these causes come to life.

We detailed in this article how you can donate with Pago and how your good deed can bring you benefits, too, by receiving discounts on other in-app payments.

Everything is without extra fees. This means the entire donated amount goes to the chosen cause.

We take care of the processing costs, development, and communication so that the entire donated amount reaches the NGO whose mission you believe in.

You have benefits in the app if you activate a recurring donation

When you activate a recurring donation, the chosen NGO knows it can rely on you month by month. And you can rely on the fact that Pago rewards you every time with up to 10% of the donated amount in Pago points. These points can be used for bill payments, mobile top-ups, travel insurance, or other donations.

You choose how you want to donate

You can choose how you want to contribute: either from the app or directly from the browser, where you don’t need to create an account. We say that donating in the app has more benefits: you donate with one confirmation directly from your phone for one or more causes. You add the card details only once, view your donation history, and easily manage your recurring donations.

15 local causes carefully chosen

You can find in the app 15 causes from 5 categories: Art & Culture, Education, Environment & Animals, Health and Social. The NGOs in Donate with Pago support children with oncological diseases, visual impairments, or other disabilities, are involved in preventing the separation of children from their family, pediatric care, or even rescuing animals in difficulty or documenting traditional artisans.

You know how your money is spent

We offer transparency from the first donation, each of the 15 NGOs offering details about how they will use the money. Then, through blog articles and newsletters, we will let you know how your money was spent.

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