All about the suppliers available in Pago. Over 365 are now one click away!
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All about the suppliers available in Pago. Over 365 are now one click away!

Pago April 28, 2021April 14th, 2022

With Pago, you can pay quickly and securely all your utility bills directly from your phone! With our users’ help and support from our partners Banca Transilvania and Visa, we managed to integrate over 365 suppliers in the app. It is now almost impossible not to find your desired supplier in Pago!

Because we want it to be even easier for you to pay from Pago, we prepared a series of articles about how you can make payments to the over 365 suppliers available in the app.

How we got from 40 to 365 suppliers in Pago

After Pago was launched in 2017, we focused on increasing the number of suppliers available in the app. The first 40 were the main national providers of utilities. But we knew from your feedback and from our own market research, that to really make the app useful for all, we need to bring more suppliers to Pago. The opinion of the users was clear: we need to increase the number of suppliers. “If I have to go somewhere else to pay one of my bills, the usefulness of the app decreases a lot”, as a user told us then.

Currently, more than 365 suppliers are available in Pago, and the total value of processed payments has exceeded 145 million euros.

The road from 100 to 365 suppliers was traveled with the help of our subscribed users, who can propose new suppliers. Premium subscriptions, introduced at the beginning of 2019, allowed us to cover the processing costs for suppliers with whom we do not have a signed partnership.

This is how we reached over 100 suppliers just a few months after the launch, including all national suppliers and some regional ones, available in several counties in Romania.

Top 10 suppliers in Pago

The most popular suppliers in Pago are the utility ones, such as energy (Enel, Electrica, E.ON, Engie, Cez) or Internet, TV and mobile (Digi, Orange, Vodafone, Telekom). The total value of payments made to the top 10 suppliers was over 263 million Lei in 2020 and over 114 million Lei in the first 3 months of 2021.

Types of suppliers available

In Pago, you will find all the utility suppliers, from electricity and natural gas to water and sanitation. Of course, we have not forgotten the internet, TV, and mobile suppliers, without which we would not be able to use Pago.

But you can make other payments, too. You can pay installments to BT Direct, Cetelem, BRD Finance, TBI Credit, and other similar suppliers. Moreover, you can pay for your communal expenses, just a confirmation away. You can even pay for your Avon and Oriflame products, couriers, security companies or even fuel suppliers such as Rompetrol.

In the app or directly on the website, you can find the full list of suppliers, always up to date.

In the upcoming weeks, we will go in more details on the blog, about suppliers and bill payments in Pago. If you pay by simply scanning the barcode on the bill, don’t worry, you will also find a blog post dedicated to you.

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