Sziasztok, Hungarian speakers!
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Sziasztok, Hungarian speakers!

PagoMarch 29, 2021


Our Pago app and website are now also available in Hungarian! We know that many Hungarian speakers in Romania use or could use the application for fast and secure payments. For you, we made Pago even easier to use.

Pago users can now pay their utility bills, top-up mobile phones, buy car insurance and travel insurance, and pay local taxes by accessing the app in 3 different languages: Romanian, Hungarian, or English.

Manage and pay with Pago your bills to over 350 suppliers, get best prices for mobile top-ups, and even buy car and travel insurance.

It’s easy to use Pago in Romanian, Hungarian or English. Just select your language of choice in Settings -> Personal -> Language section.

Tell your friends about Pago and save time and money together!

Do you know any Hungarian speakers who could pay their bills easier than they do now? Tell them about Pago! The app can be easily installed by using this link or you can invite them directly from your app, from your Settings -> Invite your friends to Pago). 

We will reward both of you with Pago points, which can easily be converted to real money when making payments or donations from the app (100 points = 1 RON). You will receive 200 points for recommending Pago, and the person you invite gets another 200 points, in addition to those received when creating the account (150 points), adding the first provider (25 points), and many other actions in the application. The new users also receive 25 points when adding their first provider or when unlocking other features from the app.

*according to the 2011 census, there are over 1,200,000 Hungarian speakers living in Romania. The census INS data is available here.

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