Scanning your bills with Pago
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Scanning your bills with Pago

PagoOctober 17, 2023

Is there ever a time when you feel like time passes too quickly, and there just aren’t enough minutes in an hour? In a world where days seem to pass by in a flash, efficient time management becomes a top priority. And even though we can’t organize all our plans, at Pago, we’re here to help you centralize and organize your monthly utility bills, turning a time-consuming task into a quick and stress-free process.

As you know, there are cases where providers don’t have an online platform that we can connect to your Pago account, which makes paying your bills a bit more complicated. And that’s precisely what we’ll be discussing in today’s article: using the scanning feature available in Pago to pay your bills.

Good to know: Whether you opt for automatic payments or scan the bill’s barcode, Pago does not charge any commission.

Why use the scanning feature:

At Pago, we’re constantly making improvements and adding new providers to the app, making bill management and payments as convenient as possible for you and the other users. Therefore, scanning is a very useful and practical process, especially when it comes to providers without a mobile app or whose infrastructure doesn’t allow for automated payments from consumers, like, for example, Hidroelectrica.

What are the advantages of scanning invoices:

1. Saving time: When automated payments are unavailable, the invoice scanning process is much faster than the traditional method of bank transfers or visiting a payment center.

2. Securing your payments: Scanning bills allows you to review the invoice content before making the payment, reducing the risk of errors or omissions.

3. Tracking easily all your payments: Once scanned, your bills are stored in the app’s history, which you can access anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi).

How to pay a bill by scanning it:

Paying a bill in Pago by scanning the barcode is quick and simple. Follow the steps below and pay in under a minute:

1. Open the Pago app and go to the “Invoices” section.

2. Tap the scanning button in the bottom right corner and select the provider you want to pay the invoice to. You’ll be redirected to the page with instructions for scanning the invoice. Make sure you’ve granted the app permission to use your phone’s camera.

3. The next step is to enter the scanning mode and choose your preferred scanning method. If you don’t have a physical invoice, you also have the option to add a photo from your phone (preferably a screenshot containing only the barcode) or you can point your camera at the barcode on your laptop screen. Make sure the brightness is set to maximum.

4. After scanning the code, you’ll need to confirm the invoice details. 

5. Check the amount and select your preferred payment method.

6. Make the payment, and you’ll receive a confirmation via email.

Is there an alternative to bill scanning?

In addition to scanning, you can choose to sync recurring invoices in Pago with the providers who have an online platform. Invoices will be automatically fetched into the app once issued, you’ll receive notifications as the due date approaches, and you can pay them in a few seconds, individually or all in one go.

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