All about car insurances in Pago
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All about car insurances in Pago

Pago February 8, 2021April 14th, 2022

In Pago you have access to all RCA car insurance offers from all insurers on the market, so you can choose the offer that is right for you. 

Find out in this article how you can buy the RCA car insurance simple and easy, but also what are the newest regulations, so that you are protected when driving your car.

18.500 RCA car insurance were issued through Pago, in the last 3 years, the average value of a insurance being 275 lei.

How do I buy an RCA insurance through Pago?

You have 2 simple ways to buy an RCA car insurance through Pago:

1. manually enter the car number and chassis series and get most of the data

2. if you are an Android user, you can scan your coupon and ID card, and offers will appear instantly.

The information you need to add is the minimum necessary to see and buy offers from all insurers. The good part is that they are completed only once, after which you can see offers and buy the insurance using the information saved in the application.

Do I have additional costs when buying an RCA car insurance through Pago?

We do not charge commissions in Pago, and you can buy as many RCA car insurance even in the free version of the application.

What offers do I see in Pago?

In Pago you have access to all RCA offers from all insurers on the market, so you can choose the offer that is right for you. 

However, it is good to know that there are little differences from one broker to another because they are regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority. We have ensured that, regardless of the offer, for the same identification data, the prices in Pago are the lowest available.

How do I receive the car insurance?

Policies are sent by e-mail immediately after payment and they are valid immediately after issue. According to the new regulations, starting with July 1, 2020, the car insurance can also be presented in digital format on the phone.

Can the RCA insurance received by e-mail be used only in electronic format?

Yes, the car insurance received by e-mail is valid. According to the current rules and regulations, it does not need to be shown in original. It can also be accepted in copy or on your phone screen.

In August 2020, the Board of The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) approved the amendment and completion of Norm no. 20/2017 on car insurance in Romania. Thus, the proof of the RCA insurance, in the case of the controls performed by the competent authorities, is:

• the RCA insurance policy and contract issued by the RCA insurer, for the period of validity entered, presented on paper or in electronic format;

• the information obtained from the database query, by which you can prove that the insurance is valid.

If the car insurance was not issued in Romania, the following is accepted as proof:

• presentation of an insurance issued in another country, but which is valid on the Romanian territory and is in the validity period

• presentation of a border car insurance for vehicles registered or registered outside the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation, presented on paper or in electronic format.

Where is the RCA insurance valid?

Mandatory RCA insurance is valid on the territory of Romania, on the territory of the member states of the European Union and those belonging to the European Economic Area, but also on the territory of the states that directly link two member countries of the European Union where there is no national office.

In addition to buying insurance through Pago, we offer you the possibility to set alerts for your car. We send you alerts when all the insurances, ITP, car revisions, or vignette are about to expire, so that you have one worry less. It is easy to set a car alert, from Settings -> Car alerts. 

For more information:

• In Romania, this type of insurance is regulated by The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), and the reference law is Law no. 132/2017.

• The insurance policies bought through Pago are issued by the insurers, through the broker Renomia-SRBA Insurance Broker SRL, an entity authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority and registered in the Register of brokers.

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